Your school uniform confirms your attendance at Our Lady of Perpetual Help School and is a symbol of unity within the school community. It minimizes distractions in the learning process. It is important that you take pride in your appearance by wearing your complete uniform always remembering that by wearing it inside and outside the classroom and the school you are representing the school and your behavior should be a credit to both yourself and the school community.


The official, and only, provider of the school uniform is Leibman’s in New Rochelle. All OLPH Shirts, sweaters, and gym clothing is embroidered with our initials – OLPH.

Girls PK – 4 Plaid jumper, White or Navy Polo Shirt (short or long sleeved); Navy OLPH
Sweater with school logo; Navy knee-high socks or tights; School shoes.

Girls 5 – 8 Plaid skirt; White or Navy Polo Shirt (short or long sleeved); Navy OLPH
Sweater with school logo; Navy knee-high socks or tights (please, no thigh high stockings); School shoes. SKIRTS MUST REACH THE MIDDLE OF THE KNEE AND NO SHORTER. ALL BLOUSES MUST BE NEATLY TUCKED IN.

Girls PK - 8: Jewelry: No jewelry is permitted except for a wristwatch, one ring per hand, and small earrings (1 per ear located in the lobe-no cartilage piercings are permitted). Post and stud style earrings only. For safety reasons, HOOP, DANGLING AND OVER-SIZED EARRINGS ARE NOT PERMITTED.

Hair, Nails, Makeup, etc.: Makeup is unacceptable for school attire, including lip-gloss, scented lip balm and scented lotion. NO NAIL POLISH, TIPS, EXTENSIONS; NOTHING ARTIFICIAL PLACED ON THE NAIL. Girls may wear ribbons in their hair or simple barrettes. No kerchiefs, bandannas, hats, head wraps, large bows, beads or large hair accessories are permitted. Anything that will present a distraction is not permitted.

Boys PK - 8: Navy dress uniform trousers and a BELT (no corduroys, Dockers, or baggies), white polo shirt (long or short sleeved), Navy OLPH Sweater with school logo; Navy or black socks; School shoes. ALL SHIRTS MUST BE NEATLY TUCKED IN.

Boys PK - 8: Jewelry: Jewelry is not permitted except for a wristwatch.

Girls and Boys Shoes: Shoes may be black or navy, flat tie oxford, low-style, or flat-heeled buckle, maximum heel height of one (1) inch. Shoes should have rubber or gummed sole bottoms. Diesels and Sneaker-type shoes are not permitted unless it is the official shoe provided through Leibman’s. NO loafers, slip-on shoes, high top shoes, or boots are allowed. High heels and thick soles are not permitted.

Gym Uniform: Navy blue sweat shirt and sweat pants with the OLPH School name on them, (girls and boys) or navy uniform shorts (no more than 2” above the knee; no extra long or baggy shorts); yellow OLPH gym t-shirt and sneakers; Students must wear sneakers on Gym days with white athletic crew socks. Anklets and patterned socks are not permitted. NO SNEAKERS WITH WHEELS OR SNEAKERS THAT CAN ACCOMMODATE WHEELS ARE PERMITTED.

Girls and Boys: Undergarments should not be visible through the shirt. OLPH team sweatshirts may be worn on gym days only. Team uniforms may never be worn for gym classes. The presence of anything that proclaims a current fad is not permitted. All students’ general appearance must be neat and presentable.

Uniform Options:
-Navy dress (twill) shorts (boys and girls) or navy skort (girls) may be worn from May 1st – end of school and in the fall until Columbus Day with a white or yellow polo shirt and navy blue knee highs or anklet socks and school shoes. Thigh highs are not permitted.

-White Turtle neck in cold weather

-On Gym days only students may wear OLPH Basketball/Volleyball sweatshirts.
-8th grade students may wear their graduation sweatshirt or new high school (after registration) sweatshirt in place of the school sweater.


Home School Association


Home School Association

2018-2019 OLPH HSA Board Members


Thomas Bendick  (Grades; Pre-K and 3)                       Lauren Bryan  (Grades: 4 and 7)                   Kurstal Clancy  (Grade: 1)  

Meaghan Clancy   (Grades: Pre-K, 3, 5 and 7)          Lauren Doria (Grade: Pre-K)              Nicole Goodrich  (Grade: 6)   

Irene Hickey     (Grades:3, 5 and 7)          Amadika Hospedales   (Grade: 1)     Dina Mangiafridda  (Grades: 1 and 4)    

Salma Mgawe   (Grade:6)                      Liz Oceguera (Grades: Pre-K and 3)             Hillary Pagan    (Grades 4 and 6)

     Marisol Polidura    (Grade: 6)           Cathy Scuola   (Grade:7)                     Candace Williams  (Grades: 5 and 8)


Being a part of the Our Lady of Perpetual Help’s Home School Association is an opportunity to model for our children the value

of service, and the importance of community and school pride.  The Home School Association offers a chance for us to build

relationships with other families, our teachers, staff and administrators. We are motivated by a simple guiding principle: to plan

events and activities that bring our children joy and nurture a sense of community. All parents and guardians are automatic

members of the Home School Association and are encouraged to attend HSA meetings and events throughout the year.

Through these opportunities to connect, everyone can be informed of school activities, policy changes and fundraising efforts.

Please join us!


The following HSA activities have been scheduled. If you would like to volunteer for any of the events contact the Main Office.  Thank you for your support.


OLPH continues to collect BOX TOPS and USED INK CARTRIDGES AND TONERS. Please send these items in to school. The Box Tops go to the HSA and the ink comes to the Main Office. FYI… Staples will give us $2.00 for each cartridge, to be spent at Staples, so it really helps defray some of our Office Supply cost when we recycle this way. Every little bit helps the cause!

We are also participating in the A+ BONUS BUCKS AT STOP AND SHOP. All you have to do is:
Log on to www.stopandshop.com/aplus to register online OR Dial 1-877-275-2758 to register your card over the phone. The OLPH ID # is 07712. Please note that you have to re-register every year. We also participate in the Rebate program from TARGET. If you have a Target credit card contact them and designate our school to receive this rebate.